Sustainable Caregiving

Sustainable Caregiving


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I care for my Dad who is 98 and I know firsthand that family caregivers are critical to the healthcare system, invaluable to their families and communities and underserved. I became a Certified Caregiving Consultant™ and Family Caregiving Educator™ because I want every family caregiver to feel heard and understood. I want to make their caregiving journey less stressful and more meaningful. I want to help each family caregiver balance the trials and tribulations with care and compassion and a healthy dose of love and laughter.

Caregiving is stressful and caring for a family member does not come with a manual. A family caregiver is not only someone who lives with their caree, but simply someone who cares for, helps and worries about an aging family member or a family member with a chronic illness or disease, regardless of where either reside. The family caregiver in the middle of a caregiving experience, as well as the future family caregiver, need support, tools and resources. They need to know that they are not alone and that they will be okay.

I share a perspective of the caregiving experience that will empower the family caregiver with coping skills, knowledge and hope. The Caregiving Years™ presentation and workshops help the family caregiver identify where they are on the caregiving experience spectrum and delve into those coping skills that will be invaluable in each stage.

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  • Serving the underserved family caregiver
  • Presentations and workshops that empower the family caregiver with skills and hope
  • Community resources and support
  • One on one consultations to create plans for the worries


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