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About Us

Welcome to In Alignment Collective, where a holistic approach brings impactful and innovative events to life. Led by Lacy Empkey, a dynamic and experienced marketing executive, we are dedicated to creating memorable experiences that inspire community and foster lasting connections.

Our mission goes beyond traditional event planning; we strive to seamlessly align your business, brand, and personal endeavors with the events we produce. We aim to ensure that your business, brand, and personal pursuits align perfectly with the events we create. We understand the significance of harmony in all aspects of life, and our holistic approach is a testament to our commitment to simultaneously inspiring others to balance their work, passions, and health challenges. Whether it's a holistic retreat, a themed party, a gala, a conference, a destination event, or a trade show, we make your vision come to life with meaningful and impactful experiences.


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Lacy Empkey

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