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Welcome to Greenhouse Girls Recreational Dispensary, where knowledge and power converge under the motto "Bloom, Blaze, Empower." At our haven, we embrace the boundless potential of cannabis and the empowerment it brings to individuals. Our THC line caters to enthusiasts seeking the vibrant effects of cannabis, carefully curated for a journey of exploration and elevation. For those preferring a THC-free experience, our dedicated line offers a range of options, allowing everyone to partake in the wellness benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive effects. At Greenhouse Girls, we're not just a dispensary; we're a community committed to knowledge, empowerment, and the shared joy of blooming into your best self.


Our Delta 9 Gummies: Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta-9-THC) is the primary psychoactive compound found in cannabis. It's responsible for the "high" typically associated with marijuana use. In hemp, which is a variety of the cannabis plant, Delta-9-THC levels must be below 0.3% to comply with legal regulations.
Our CBD lotion is here to ease your pain and reduce inflammation. And when it comes to our vapes, rest assured they're handcrafted, ensuring you always know what you're inhaling.
Our gummies formulas are meticulously crafted with one focus in mind: you. We thoroughly research each cannabinoid before bringing it to market. And get ready for our CBD face serum to shine even brighter, especially with its new sidekick night serum, set to debut in the coming weeks.
At Greenhouse Girls, we make it our business to stay on top of the latest laws in the cannabis, hemp, and medical industries. We're dedicated to providing accurate information to our customers because we believe knowledge is power. Our motto? Bloom. Blaze. Empower.
Welcome to Greenhouse Girls! Here's where style meets substance. Our merchandise isn't just about looking good; it's about spreading our motto—Bloom, Blaze, Empower. With our range of t-shirts and cups, you can carry the Greenhouse Girls spirit with you wherever you go. Let's ignite change together.
Snap a pic and share it with the world! Our photo chair is ready for you. Capture the essence of Greenhouse Girls merchandise and spread the word.
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